Fatherhood, ISMRM and depression

This August, I’m going to be a father. Naturally, I’m quite excited. I’m also anxious: it turns out that juggling the trifecta of finishing a PhD, job hunting and reading endless books about how to deal with the alien lifeform that’s going to come shooting out of my wife, isn’t easy. This week, I’ve left […]

A theoretical framework for two novel rule-variants for a popular trading card game

Abstract A 3-person, probabilistic rule-set for the Pokémon TCG is described that aims to maximize fairness for all players. Several nuances are described and some tentative solutions are proposed. This rule-set was developed following experimental data. Additionally, a theoretical Strip-variant is proposed, but not practised here. This study adds to an unofficial database of alternative […]

Horizon: Zero Daaamn

The brief flurry of snow across Eastern England yesterday got me thinking about Horizon Zero Dawn (specifically the Frozen Wilds DLC), my absolute favourite game this year – maybe even on PS4 so far. I thought about writing a large article about how much I love the game, how beautiful it is, how spot on […]

My Life in Video Games: Part 2

Here we go, readers, part 2 of my acclaimed series. In this part, we delve deeper into the Temple of Doom-esque eyeball soup that comprises my psyche. You scared? Good. That means we’re ready. FLASHBANG! Last we met, we left our story in the midst of Nathan Drake’s pièce de résistance, and just after the […]

Pokémon: (Not) catching ’em all

Intro I’ve been playing a lot of Pokémon lately: the video game (recently finished Silver, which was released in September on the virtual console, and decided to replay Pokémon X, because why not, *cough* Prof Sycamore is a total babe *cough*), and the trading card game (TCG). In other words, Pokémon has been taking over […]

Wandering Gamer: Tbilisi

Greetings readers! In this section/part/bit of my blog, I want to talk about real world locations (that I’ve been to), and how/why they make me think of video games. Recently, my partner and I journeyed to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia… Initial Tbilisi is at once an up-and-coming city and a crumbling ruin. Futuristic buildings […]

My Life in Video Games: Part 1

I want to use this post (and hopefully future posts) to talk about the games that have influenced me/defined me. Without further ado dear reader, join me, as we wander into the nostalgia-fuelled foray that was my childhood… The Early Years My first console was a PlayStation 1. This must have been in the late […]