dreamGames – Part 2.2.1

7 – Electric She called herself “Electric” and suffered from debilitating migraines every four days. Electric, or El for short, came to me broken and seeking a cure for an abstract pain in her dreams, to which I could only reply, “I’m not a medical doctor, but I will try to help.” “A doctor of […]

dreamGames – Part 2.1

6 – Bertrand At first, Bertrand thought, his nightmare started as it always did; the yelps of laughter and chaos of a school playground, followed by a sense of dread that all was not well. The sounds were jovial and yet the environment was distorting with every passing second: the grim pavement, covered in skewed, […]

dreamGames – part 1

1 – Murder Eyes open. I launch myself from the starchy bed, leaping onto shaky feet and I’m up. Awake. No, scratch that – I’m asleep, adrift in my dreams, floating in lucid-space. My eyes perceive solid shapes as fuzzy outlines and the world is spinning, racing past my drunken gaze. A door. Open it! […]

Spider-Man and Gameplay Flow

These days, when I’m not writing up my PhD thesis or changing a 2 month old’s nappy, I spend my time swinging through Insomniac’s virtual Manhattan, the way only a Spider can. Yes, I’m talking about Spider-Man, recently released on PS4 by the people behind Spyro, Ratchet & Clank and Resistance. In this article, I want […]

Fatherhood, ISMRM and depression

This August, I’m going to be a father. Naturally, I’m quite excited. I’m also anxious: it turns out that juggling the trifecta of finishing a PhD, job hunting and reading endless books about how to deal with the alien lifeform that’s going to come shooting out of my wife, isn’t easy. This week, I’ve left […]

A theoretical framework for two novel rule-variants for a popular trading card game

Abstract A 3-person, probabilistic rule-set for the Pokémon TCG is described that aims to maximize fairness for all players. Several nuances are described and some tentative solutions are proposed. This rule-set was developed following experimental data. Additionally, a theoretical Strip-variant is proposed, but not practised here. This study adds to an unofficial database of alternative […]

Horizon: Zero Daaamn

The brief flurry of snow across Eastern England yesterday got me thinking about Horizon Zero Dawn (specifically the Frozen Wilds DLC), my absolute favourite game this year – maybe even on PS4 so far. I thought about writing a large article about how much I love the game, how beautiful it is, how spot on […]